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    Wireless provider for Noble, LaGrange and Dekalb Counties


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a wireless ISP?
A: Wireless ISP is just a new means of delivering the Internet to your location. Instead of using copper from the Phone Company, or coaxial cable, we use radio frequencies. All of Kendallville Internet services are provided via commercial proprietary equipment.

Q: Why should I get Kendallville Internet Access services?
A: Kendallville Internet services provide you with the most affordable, reliable, fastest Internet access available. We provide an "always-on", high-speed connection so you can access the Internet and send email faster and more efficiently than with a dial-up connection. Because the service is always on, you never have to dial-up again, so no waiting for busy signals or lost connections.  Get rid of that extra phone line!

Q: What does "always on" mean?
A: Always on means that you have a dedicated connection from your computer to the Internet. With Kendallville Internet services, you never have to dial in to get access to the Internet. This means no more waiting for a successful connection, and no more busy signals.

Q: How fast are Kendallville Internet services?
A: Kendallville Internet as of May 25, 2011 provides 3.5 Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up. Kendallville Internet also provides a custom configuration that is 256K Down and 256K Up for those dial-up customers that don't want to pay for full speed. Speeds will be 5 to 10 times faster then dial-up speeds.

Q: Does Kendallville Internet guarantee the speeds for its services?
A: No one can guarantee Internet service speeds. This is because there many variables that affect Internet performance, most of which are beyond the control of your Internet service provider. Connection speeds can vary due to Internet congestion, speed or age of your PC, or other factors beyond our control. However, we assure you that we do everything we can to optimize your performance on our network. Your Kendallville Internet service is set up as a singular unit to the Internet, which lets us optimize those things we can control, like user aggregation to our Internet uplink capacity. This and other factors are optimized to ensure that the most consistent and reliable performance can be maintained, regardless of the number of subscribers appear in your neighborhood.

Q: How many computers can I connect to my Kendallville Internet connection?
A: You can connect multiple computers to a single Kendallville Internet service. Kendallville Internet will provide 1 private IP address per connection. You may purchase a static IP address if required.  You  will need to purchase a router and we will set it up when a technician is on site.

Q: Can I use my own router for Kendallville Internet service?
A: Yes.

Q : Can I run a Wireless Access Point (router) off my Kendallville Internet connection?
A: Yes, Kendallville Internet does not limit how you connect to and use the Kendallville Internet Access service. However you are not authorized to resell Kendallville Internet services. See the Terms of Service agreement for more details. You are responsible for the security for your computer and Wireless Access Point.

Q : Why wireless and not DSL, satellite or cable?
A: Kendallville Internet is focused on bringing high-speed internet access to areas that cannot get cable or DSL. Satellite by nature is prone to the elements and often is not as reliable as another infrastructure with long latency.

Q : Do I get email services with Kendallville Internet?
A: Yes. You can get email services from Kendallville Internet or you can choose to keep your existing ISP email (AOL, EarthLink, MSN, etc) or you can just use Kendallville Internet to get connected to the free email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite, etc.

Q : Can I use VPN to connect to my office network?
A: Yes, Kendallville Internet fully supports VPN access. Please check with your company's network security person to confirm your configuration and to complete your set up.

Q : How quickly will I get Kendallville Internet's high-speed Internet service after I place my order?
A: Kendallville Internet is committed to getting you up and running as soon as your order is placed. Typical installations are completed within 1 week after your initial inquiry.

Q : Am I still obligated to pay anything if Kendallville Internet cannot deliver service to me?
A: No. If for any reason we are not able to provide you with our service, you will not be asked to pay anything - no penalties, no fees - not even the installation fee. We are committed to delivering our high-speed Internet service to as many locations as possible. We often ask questions and use sophisticated tools to determine in advance if we have a high confidence in our delivery. But even so, there are sometimes unpredictable circumstances and reasons beyond anyone's control that prevent our successful delivery. We would like the opportunity to try again in the future.

Q : Will I be able to access MSN, EarthLink and AOL ISP account services like POP email?
A: Yes. All these services allow for users to access their services from third party networks like Kendallville Internet

Q : Will I need to install any new Kendallville Internet software - will it interfere with my PC?
A: No. Kendallville Internet does not require you to load any software to get the service. Our technicians will set up and configure the hardware firewall, your email, and verify your Internet connection and speed.

Q : Does the Kendallville Internet Wireless Radio come with Router capabilities?
A: No. We require a router be installed between the radio and your home network. The reasons are many, but the main reason is the router will provide NAT (Network Address Translation) and help to protect you from the many internet worms currently attacking machines. We also require that you purchase adequate virus protection.

Q : How do I verify the speed of my high-speed Internet connection?
A: There are many factors that determine your overall Internet speed. Many of those factors are beyond Kendallville Internet's (or any other provider's) control. Kendallville Internet has a huge Internet capacity so we can confidently ensure you receive the performance we promise as our customer base grows. We use very sophisticated tools to carefully monitor and control your performance within our network. However, as soon as you leave our local area and venture out into the Internet and World Wide Web, many other factors affect your response times that have nothing to do with Kendallville Internet's service. For example, if you visit a very complex video web site on the other side of the world, which is only running a small, underpowered web server, you will probably see relatively slower response times that if you visit, say Yahoo or MSN. This difference has nothing to do with Kendallville Internet's service. Another important factor is the number of steps it takes to get from you to the site you're visiting - the more "hops", the slower your response time since each hop is another server handling your request.

There are many web sites that provide Internet speed testing tools. For example, provides numerous broadband analysis tools. So far, the most reliable speed test we have used is: or

Q: How can I ensure my computer is prepared for a high-speed, "always on" Internet connection?
A: The best answer is "Best Practices" - it pays to keep your computer up to date.

Q : How do I deal with Spam, viruses and parental controls?
A: Spam, parental controls & Viruses
(1) Our service does not do anything specific regarding parental controls. We recommend that you look at software such as McAfee Parental Controls and there are several others which allow you to restrict the access as you see appropriate.
(2) The way we set the routers provides some built-in protection against worms and hack attacks. Each computer is connected to the router using a technique called DHCP, which basically means each computer gets its own private IP address assigned by the router. The private IP address is not communicated by the router to the outside world--only the router's static IP address is communicated. So any worm or hacker can only get to the router, they typically can't get through it to the computer. Of course this doesn't mean that it's impossible to get through--but usually a worm/hacker will go on to easier prey. It also doesn't mean that you can't get a worm or virus from downloading files or emails. We of course recommend appropriate virus protection software such as AVG or Norton.

Q: How do I access my e-mail while I am traveling?
A: Kendallville Internet does not offer a dial-up service while your are traveling. However your e-mail can be accessed from any location where you have internet access.
You log in to and click on "Web-Email" tab to get Kendallville Internet Email.  Many hotels and coffee shops now have high-speed internet service available for customers.

Q: What does Kendallville Internet have to do to deliver high-speed Internet service to me?
A: Kendallville Internet installs a small radio called a subscriber unit on your residence or office building. Then we run a single wire from subscriber unit into your house or business to your router.  Some installation will require a taller line of sight to our base stations, so in these circumstances, a small tripod with a pole will be used.


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