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News Flash (Oct, 2011)

Our Speeds have increased again!      More

Our Fixed Wireless Internet service brings high-speed Internet access to areas surrounding Kendallville, South Milford, Corunna, Fairfield Center and surrounding cities. 

We will do a free survey and/or signal check to verify that you will be able to receive the service. If you can receive a signal, a small antenna will be mounted on your house or business and pointed to one of our tower locations.

To learn more about our coverage area, click on the "Coverage Map" tab above!




We our a proud ISP provider to our  rural communties.

We pride our selfs on hard solutions when other providers say  "Sorry"

Give us a call a see if we can provide you service.

Kendallvile Internet provides all bandwidth to its customers.  We do not have any Hosting Servers or Email Servers on our network.


Please call us with any questions 



260-349-1799  or  260-349-3497 Sales

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